Monday, September 26, 2016

Will Bike 4 Food

Hello friends and family!

My mom would always ask in our telephone calls, "What are you having for dinner?"  This conversation started, a family tradition, resulted in recipe swapping or admiration for the meal to be prepared.  Sadly, there are a shocking number of families in our country who are unable to answer that question with any degree of certainty.  If answered, many would report a nutritionally inadequate mean.  

Yesterday was a beautiful early fall day in New England.  It was a perfect day to take a ride in the country.  Alison and Piper Smythe, Ed Juozokas, and I rode a cumulative 100 miles in support of the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.  We were joined by more than 300 other riders, all gathered in support of the Food Bank.  The hills seemed especially designed to challenge us, but we were rewarded after the ride with great camaraderie for the spirit and some tasty food to revive the body.  We all vowed/threatened/promised to ride again next year.

Thanks to your help, Team Trinity raised over $1500.  Our friends, relatives, and church family supported us generously of which we are truly grateful and humbled.  The Food Bank, with their amazing leveraging power, is able to turn each $1 donated into 3 meals for families in need of support.  We are all so pleased with your extraordinary show of support and your donations.

With humble thanks,

Team Trinity

Sunday, September 25

Sandra Collins presented the children's moment.  She, Kelly Henry, and Tracy Woodfield gave reflections on this year's mission trip to Nicaragua.  Additionally, reflections from Jim Mackie and Wesley Olin were read, and photos by Sandra were projected.

The Christian Education for this year were recognized and blessed.

The choir were back in their robes.

And, finally, after church Jane Schneeloch and Pastor John provided information on this year's New England Annual Conference and its non-conformity with the General Conference.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Block Party

Trinity's annual block party was held on Trinity Sunday, September 11.  Here are a few images of the afternoon's food and fun.